Hawken Spreads the Word into Europe with Star2Com

 Hawken, the free-to-play first-person mecha-shooter, released itself into open beta late last month. Developed by Adhesive Games and published by Meteor Entertainment, the Seattle based companies has handed over PR responsibilities in Europe to the Italian company Star2Com. Shannon Gerritzen, Senior Managment, Global PR for Meteor Entertainment had this to say:

“We are thrilled to see so many European gamers playing HAWKEN. A PR partnership with Star2Com ensures that we can more effectively provide breaking news and information on the game to gamers in these territories effectively”

Hawken is a free-to-play game that allows players to blow apart other players mechs of destruction from around the world. The free-to-play model relates to what models and weapons that players deck out their bots and the role they take in combat, while also being able to buy said items with in game currency with enough time spent in the arena. The game has already won more than 22 awards at industry events.