Max Payne 3 DLC due January 22nd

While the details are still a well-kept secret, Rockstar have announced that the newest Max Payne 3 DLC (called Deathmatch Made In Heaven) will be coming to platforms on January 22nd 2013. It’s said to be “an action-packed doozy stuffed with new co-op and competitive modes, plus other awesome treats for Max Payne 3 Multiplayer.” The full details should be revealed in the next couple of days and you can expect all the juicy details here.

The Deathmatch Made in Heaven pack will be available for 800 Microsoft Points and £7.29 on PC and PSN in North America (the pack will be available for European players on January 30th). Those of you who own the Rockstar Pass will be able to download this with no additional charge.