About Us!

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VideoGamesUncovered or VGU for short is a Video Game entertainment website.

We are all gamers and love games to the point where we all host various degrees in games design, programming or similar. To express our knowledge, our opinions and to build a great gaming community we set up VGU to get all that cool and important news out to the world of gamers. Causal or Hardcore and everything in between we try to make sure there is something for everyone on the site.

We dont just deal with news and also focus on trying to give informative and honest games reviews for the latest games and hardware. At VGU we work with the companies to produce reviews that are open, transparent and honest with constructive feedback backed up with as much fact as we can, with of course our opinion thrown in a little to give you an idea on if a game is worth buying.

On top that we also manage and run games events for companies. This can be from the simplest event like quick live stream or promotion to more complex events such as a marathon or real world placed event/expo. We work with the companies to deliver the most entertaining, unique and worth while events and make sure that we include the viewers, readers and gamers in our fun and humorous antics by getting them to make choices for us in games ,chat to them and much more. Oh, we also love to give away amazing and awesome prizes like signed copies of games and merchandise and much more.

Here are some companies we have worked with:

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If you want to get into touch with us then send an email to info@videogamesuncovered.com