New Pokémon X and Y Rumours

norse pokemon theme

According to a recent rumour leaked information about some Pokémon in Pokémon X and Y has come to light. The starter Pokémon’s evolutions, names and types have been revealed, what seems to be the starting bird Pokémon of the region and a list of some other legendary Pokémon including the X, Y and Z Pokémon and the legendary trio for this region, which is apparently named the Aienki Region.

Type: Grass/Dark

Type: Fire/Psychic

Type: Water/Fighting

Finches (Forme X)
Fincho (Forme Y)

Legendary Pokémon
Xerneas – Grass/???
Yveltal – Fire/???
Zanarol – Rock/???
Deryn – Steel
Lunyrite – Rock
Stapyre – Fire

I think this rumour could be right on the money. They typing seem to fit and the birds being different for each game is something we have seen the Pokémon games do before. Lastly due to the legendries links with Norse mythology, these names combined with their typing seems to be what you would expect if they were designed with a Norse theme in mind. Further proof of this idea of Norse design? As you can see in the picture below around the Norse world tree (called Yggdrasil) there is a bird and a deer just like Xerneas and Yveltal, however, there is also a snake. This has lead people to believe the Z legendary (called Zanarol according to the rumour) could be a serpant like Pokémon.

I personally LOVE the idea of a norse theme in a Pokémon game series! It is a rich area to draw from and means we could be in some very interesting Pokémon designs. Even if these names and typings turn out to be wrong, the Norse theme seems to fit very well and I am fine with that!

What do you think about these rumours and theories? Do these Pokémon and their types seem right to you? Let us know in the comments below!