HandyGames to Release 4 Games in 4 Weeks for iOS!

Independent mobile games developer HandyGames starts into 2013 by firing off a massive game release barrage! Over the course of the next four weeks, HandyGames will release no less than four top-quality titles for the iOS platform!

Rocket Island
Devastating disasters threaten the planet and it’s up to you to save mankind in this intriguingly innovative hex tile puzzle game! Enter the beautiful steampunk world of Rocket Island and compete with your friends for the highest score in two different game modes: tactical and action!

Guns’n’Glory: Heroes
Guns’n’Glory is back! Sharpen the axe, polish your armor and ready your guns! It’s time to fight for glory, honor and gold once more! The third game in the popular series once again pushes the boundaries of innovation and combines classic Defense gameplay with the intense Action RPG combat!

Epic Battle Dude
Fantasy hack-and-slash action with a twist! Tactical real-time combat and RPG elements combine into a combat system of elegant simplicity that emphasizes fluid gameplay and tactical decision making. Fight your way through 50 levels filled with evil monsters and make smart use of deadly traps and mighty power-ups!

Aces of the Luftwaffe
Marking the triumphant return of a true HandyGames™ classic, this old-school vertical scroller offers explosive arcade action and cool retro-graphics. Do you have what it takes to beat the Aces of the Luftwaffe in this challenging hardcore shooter?

We’re starting off the new year with a huge bang!”, comments Markus Kassulke, CEO of HandyGames™.
These four games represent all the typical HandyGames trademarks of quality, innovation and high production value that our fans can expect from us. And this is only the beginning! 2013 will bring some of the greatest HandyGames games ever. So stay tuned!”

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Game Trailer Guns’n’Glory Heroes:

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Game Trailer Aces of the Luftwaffe coming soon!