Official Illustrations and Legendary information for Pokemon X and Y


With Pokemon X and Y coming out the internet has exploded with pictures, screens and information. And here’s some more! Check out the official illustrations for the starters, along with their type match-up against each other:

xy starter_types_en


The weaknesses are the same as the rest of the Pokemon games: Fire is weak to water but good against grass, Water is weak to grass but good against fire, and Grass is weak to fire but good against water. Have you decided who you’re going to start with yet?

They’ve also released the heights and weights for the two legendary Pokemon, Xerneas and Yveltal:

xerneas 72dpi yveltal 72dpi 

Xerneas: Height = 9’10”, Weight = 474.0 lbs

Yveltal: Height = 19’00”, Weight = 447.5 lbs

What do you guys think of the new generation of Pokemon so far? Leave us a comment.