Asura Cross Choose Your Own Adventure Fighting Game Comes to Google Play

Asura Cross features four modes of gameplay that all involve a deep structuring of skill and character building. In Story Mode, players are immersed in the story of Asura Cross as the protagonist, Jin, finds himself in the middle of an age-old conspiracy. Fighting sequences periodically arise as the plot thickens and the player is given “choose your own adventure” decisions throughout the story. In Versus Mode, players are able to connect with friends and other players through WiFi,Bluetooth® or split screen on their device. In Arcade Mode, players defeat the rankings of the wide cast of characters as they achieve special skills and achievements. In Practice Mode, players are able to unlock new characters and refine their skills in hand-to-hand combat. Each mode features skill trees for deep skill building and perfecting one’s fighting moves. Featuring different classes of martial arts, Asura Cross brings intense fighting to mobile devices.

We are excited to introduce Asura Cross to Google Play

 says Kyu Lee, VP and Head of GAMEVIL USA,

The game is so unique in its features and gameplay that we are sure fans of the original fighting arcade games will find as much joy in the game as we did.

Asura Cross is available for Android devices at