Anima: Gate of Memories Interview


Anima is a new stunning looking Action RPG which is set to be released but before the team could do it they went to Kickstarter for some help with the costs. Today they have been able to see that dream come true with their Kickstarter pledge amount being met and more so, with the current pledge total being $98,726.  From the success we got into contact with the team and they were more than welcome to answer some questions about Anima the game and where it will lead. To make the interview make more sense have a watch of their Kickstarter trailer.

Now with the trailer fresh in your mind have a look at what the Anima team had to say to us.

Were there any current games that gave you inspiration towards creating the world of Gaia, the characters and the story of the game?
So many games… but I would dare to say that Kingdom Hearts and Castlevania Lords of Shadows are our primary points of inspiration.

With the mixed feelings over Quick Time Events, was the possibility of appealing visuals the only reason you decided to have them in? Or were there other reasons, for example enhancing the gameplay with a specific element?
No, there was many reasons other than just visuals; I honestly believe that, done in their just amount, they can be a nice add on for any videogame.

What engine are you planning on using that will allow you to showcase the gorgeous graphics?
Unity 3D.

The main character can transform into two playable characters, is there a limit to the number of times a player can transform, like Devil Dante in DMC.
No. The change is not a “temporal power up” or anything like that. They are two different characters, each of them whit their own skills and gameplay.

You say the choices of the player will affect the game can you give us any examples of this open ended story telling?
For example, deciding to kill or not a character can have a huge influence in his actions in the future, or you can obey orders or not to make the story advance one way or another.

If you end up with more budget than expected what will you put the additional money into?
We have a lot of stretch goals that we want to accomplish, so we will use it to include new enemies, improve even more the visuals, and improve the cutscenes.

Do you feel that Kickstarter is becoming the new way to get the games you love out to the world? What did you think of the risks of community funding.
Kickstarter is a new vision for the low and mid level developers. Thanks to it, we can create games like Gate of Memories than, otherwise, we wont be able to.

Do you have any advice for aspiring games designers and what advice would you give them if they wanted to use Kickstarter for their games.
Just try to prepare very well the project to make it appealing for the public. If the idea is good, the people will help to fund it.

If Anima is successful do you think you would port it over to consoles, mobile devices etc.
Yes. We have in mind an Ouya and WiiU port.

Finally, You Kickstarter has now been successfully funded, how does it feel to get so much support from the Community? What were your plans if you did not meet the pledge amount? and Congratulations!
Well, right now we are funded, and the feeling is incredible. It has been wonderful to see that so many different people are interested in your work.

We would like to thank the guys and girls who are involved in the Anima project and for taking the time to answer some of our questions. We wish them the best.

We are also excited to see that some amazing games are coming from Kickstarter and Anima is definitely one of them, we look forward to seeing the updates and what this visually stunning RPG can bring to the genre.

Stay tuned for more updates and later down the line a preview. Finally, have a look at some of this stunning art work and if you wish to get access to some cool stuff there is still time to pledge over at the Anima: Gate of Memories Kickstarter page.

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