Ghostclaw Caverns A New Area in Akaneiro: Demon Hunters


The Hidden Lair of The Ghostclaw

Deep within Jawbone Ravine lies the entrance to Yurei Cavern. This once sacred place was den of the living wolf god – Moroko. When the wolves of the forest fell to corruption, so did Moroko fall into darkness. Now the Ghostclaw Werewolf Cultists manipulate the divine energies flowing through the caverns toward nefarious purpose. Deep within the cavern, the Shade of Moroko yearns to be freed…

Check out some screenshots below

GhostClawCave Shot01GhostClawCave Shot02GhostClawCave Shot03GhostClawCave Shot04GhostClawCave Shot05GhostClawCave Shot06GhostClawCave Shot07GhostClawCave Shot08