The Firefly MMO is Back in Development


In a post on their re-activated facebook page, DarkCryo Entertainment’s Firefly Universe Online, or FUO for short, will return to development with the blessing of 20th Century FOX themselves after the Facebook page was taken down due to licensing issues (presumably with FOX).

The post itself from FUO’s Facebook Page

Alongside this exciting announcement, DarkCryo’s website has been updated with a 2 week countdown for it’s kickstarter pitch, along with a couple of promising images (viewable through refreshing the site) of several confirmed features including Vessel and Structure building, Core worlds and other areas, music from folk band Circa Paleo, including some form of confirmed content/appearance/endorsement from “The Yes Men“. Signups are also available for (what is presumed to be) the login system that will be used with the game.

This could be a great boost to the firefly fanbase, finally providing a MMORPG world for hardcore browncoats to escape to, and from the looks of things from the signup message, there’s a chance it’s pay-once for some kickstarter backers;

For a limited time you are now one upgrade away from becoming a DCHERO, with reserved VIP seating for all upcoming DarkCryo releases. As a founding fan, DCHEROES are also rewarded a limited edition Skeleton Key for a lifetime of unrestricted gameplay access.

We are looking to hopefully have more information on Monday about the kickstarter, but it’s more than likely DarkCryo’s lips will be sealed until the kickstarter in two weeks.


[UPDATE -DarkCryo has updated the FUO page with a statement:

“We are humbled by the myriad of support being received for the FUO project, however we do want to ensure clarity for those who have not yet had the opportunity to visit our Forums and FaQ.

After numerous telephone conversations, both the Executive and Legal Staff of 20th Century Fox have given DarkCryo Entertainment their well wishes for an inspired – not endorsed – title at this juncture.

There is a huge distinction between the two regarding derivative works, and we are continuously working with the senior counsel of 20th to ensure their property remain protected.

Out of professional courtesy, our conference communications with 20th were asked to be kept in confidence. We do encourage everyone interested to visit our Forums and FaQ for greater detail, where we answer many of the questions below regarding FUO direction and future endorsement.”]