Redditor Starts Halo 3 Nostalgia Gathering Online

One redditor has managed to grab /r/gaming’s attention with an image post submitted on Reddit, announcing that there will be a mass gathering on halo 3 from the 1st to the 3rd of February

Posted 5 hours ago on reddit, “NazzerDawk” provides the following decription as to why he’s started the gathering:

Now that Halo 4 is out, a lot of people are remembering the “good old days” of Halo 3 Matchmaking, arguably the highpoint of the series.
So people say “Why not just play that”?
The answer of course is that Halo 3’s dead these days, only about 300 people actually playing at any given time in most playlists. You can’t have fun like that.
My solution? Lets have a weekend where a bunch of like-minded redditors get back on Halo 3 for one last hurrah, much like back when Halo 2 was about to be shut off any tons of people got on again. Maybe this will spark more interest in halo 3 in the future, a reminder that the game still has love, a chance for people to relive those days.
Actually, lets not make this JUST reddit. Rally your friends. Promote this on facebook. Get EVERYONE you can involved.
Lets have a weekend where Halo 3 is massed by hundreds of people out of nowhere.
My gamertag is Mah Boomstick. Lets make this happen.
EDIT: No, they aren’t shutting the servers down folks. This is just an attempt at getting a ton of people online at once so we can relive the glory days.

Personally, this looks like a brilliant idea, it’s been done before when Halo 2 was about to be shut down, Halo 3 isn’t shutting down anytime soon, but this seems a good way to revive an otherwise dead multiplayer, though it’s going to be hard to tearaway from Halo 4’s great multplayer. If you want any more information you can message NazzerDawk here.