Steam Winter Sale Daily Deals – Day 4

Day 4’s deals of The Steam Winter sale are available! The sale is set to run from today, December 20th, till january 5th and will feature a wide variety of offers for Indie and AAA titles.

Along with the Daily Deals and Flash sales, Valve are offering publisher packs throughout from Square Enix, Valve, Ubisoft, SEGA, THQ, Bethesda, 2K, and an Indie Mega Pack. Below are a few tables with today’s deals and flash sales.

As always with these sales, a lot of the offers (that aren’t daily or flash) will stay up till the 27th, which gives it the chance to appear as a daily or flash deal for an even cheaper discount between now and then. So if there’s a game or DLC you’re specifically looking for from the sale that has a small level of discount up until the 27th, wait until the 27th to purchase it as it could get cheaper!

Also, if you can’t get at the internet each day and have a smartphone, Steam has a mobile app that you can use to view and purchase from their catalogue.

Today’s Deals%UK £US $Eu €

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Complete Pack


Saints Row The Third – The Full Package


Anno 2070


Chivalry: Medieval Warfare




Portal + Portal 2 Franchise




Carrier Command: Gaea Mission

Flash SalesEnding%UK £US $EU €

Camerabag 2

10pm GMT-66%£2.22$5.094,07€


10pm GMT-50%£3.99$4.09



Lone Survivor

10pm GMT-67%£2.30




Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition

4am GMT-75%£4.99$7.497.49€

Tower Wars

4am GMT




S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Bundle

4am GMT-75%



VGU will be back tomorrow with a breakdown of tomorrow’s deals. So sit tight and feel free to let us know of your purchases & recommendations in the comments.