Crazy Fairies is Ready for the Festive Holidays!

Crazy Fairies is a turn-based projectile shooting game where you can battle your friends in single or group combat. Set in a crazy fairy tale world where all your favorite characters come to life and battle to the death. Spicy Horse are currently offering from special gifts and deals over the Christmas period.

Crazy Fairies for the holidays means:

  • Décor and snow in the game’s lobby
  • 20% off all premium items
  • Snowball fights in the game(!)
  • Décor collection quests for the players’ homes (some images included)
  • 5 styles of costumes: 1 Turkish Yeti, 1 Santa Clause, 4 Reindeer, 4 Snowmen, 4 Elves (some images included)
  • 2 new maps – Lilliput Beach and Creepy Hollow (images included)

The content is for all Crazy Fairies players including Android, those playing via the web, and Facebook gamers. The will also be fireworks to look forward to in the new year!

Don’t forget iOS users that Crazy Fairies will be coming to a mobile from near you soon.

Check out Crazy Fairies or find out more, visit the official site.