The Minecraft Xbox 360 Version gets festive.

Yes it’s that most wonderful festive time of the year again, and even Minecraft is getting in the mood for it with a selection of festive new skins. 

The Minecraft Festive pack is due to be released December 19th (tomorrow) and has a whole host of festive outfits to get you in the celebrating mood, including Santa, Frosty the Snowman and a Gingerbread man! Check out the full list of skins you’ll be getting:

– Santa   – Mrs Claus   – Rudolph   – Reindeer   – Red Elf   – Green Elf   – Snow Golem   – Zombie Pudding   – Christmas Creeper – Christmas Skeleton   – Santa Steve   – Winter Steve   – Parka Steve   – Snowman   – Present   – Christmas Tree   – Robin – Christmas Pudding   – Zombie Turkey   – Bad Santa   – Gingerbread Man   – Gingerbread Woman   – Scrooge  – Marley’s Ghost

Are you feeling festive yet? 4J Studios are offering you all these for the lovely price of 80 Microsoft Points! So make sure you check out the Xbox Marketplace tomorrow and grab them. Have a look at our festive Minecraft gallery for a preview of some of the awesome skins!

Alongside this players are going to get the Minecraft Xbox 360 Title Update 7 as well. This is set to include a whole host of content, including:

– Animal Breeding

– Brewing (you’ll finally be able to make Potions!)

– Experience Points (gained from mining, killing mobs, breeding and using Furnaces)

– Enchanting (grants special abilities to armour, tools and weapons)

– Nether Fortresses (along with the Blaze as a new enemy)

– New Skin animations!

Plus there are Villagers, Mooshrooms, new items like the Eye of Ender and new building materials straight from the Nether! Merry Christmas Minecrafters!