Halo 4 Specialization Codes being sent out to lucky players!

You might remember 343 Industries saying that whoever purchased the normal edition of Halo 4 and played it before 20th November would receive a code that unlocks all of the 6 specializations. Well, true to their word 343 Industries have begun sending the codes out!

The email being sent out has the subject heading “Here is your gift from XBOX Live” and includes a link you need to click. This will take you to unlock the “Specialization Priority Alpha” DLC that unlocks the specializations for Multiplayer gaming!

For those of you confused as to what specializations are, they are sets of armour and abilities that can be attained after rank 50 and adds another 10 ranks onto your possible level. 

Are you one of the lucky people to get the code? Comment below and let us know!!

  • Luke Walsh

    Hi Guys
    Have you tried contacting Microsoft Xbox Support? They might be able to help you with not receiving the codes.

  • jayyycub

    so i have one of these but it was sent to an email i no longer use, but i did get a message on my xbox with the code in it but im not sure where to put it in. i tried the xbox live redeem code section but it said invalid code. any suggestions?

  • Daniel Lindholm

    I have played since day one and haven’t gotten any code 🙁 Checked all my emails just to be sure they didn’t send the code to the wrong one but nope.. no code.