Illo – Birth of the Cool: An Interesting Kickstarter Project!

Level Style

EDGE magazine call it “a handsome puzzle adventure game for iOS and Android”, with an exclusive development diary documenting their entire Kickstarter experience. Perhaps it’s the simplistic and even cute art style but this little game has quickly started gaining popularity within the gaming community.

Illo – birth of the cool, developed by Italian developer Raylight, began its Kickstarter journey not long ago with the hopes of creating a new action puzzle adventure to Apple iOS, Android tablets/phones and even the humble PC. It promises to be a fully 3D experience where you will “never do the same things twice”, and players can touch, feel, move and throw illo across the environment while avoiding obstacles and some very strange looking creatures.

Promising environments unlike anything else in the games market, a game anyone over 7 years old can play and a fully interactive experience, it’s starting to shape into a nice little game.

There’s even a strange yet wonderful trailer for you guy to look at:

If you think it’s looking pretty good make sure you keep an eye out here for more news! Also check out their Kickstarter page while you’re at it!