Steam Autumn Sale Day 3 Deals!

The new Steam Autumn sale daily deals for Nov 23rd are available! The sale is set to run from Nov. 21st until the 27th and will feature a wide variety of offers for Indie and AAA titles with up to 75% discount!

If you haven’t read the article for day one yet, it has some helpful tips to help you save money and keep track of deals!

Today’s Deals (48h Left)%UK £US $Eu €



War of the Roses


Saint’s Row: The Third


Transformers: Fall of Cybertron


Crysis 2: Maximum Edition


Farming Simulator 2013

Yesterday’s Deals (24h Left)%UK £US $Eu €

ARMA II: Combined Operations


Max Payne 3




Portal 2


Sleeping Dogs


[Prototype 2]

Current Flash SalesEnding%UK £US $EU €


10pm GMT-66%£5.43$6.796,79€

Guns of Icarus Online

10pm GMT-66%£5.09$6.796,45€

Fable III

10pm GMT-75%£7.49$12.499,99€


4am GMT-66%£2.71$3.393,39€


4am GMT



4am GMT-75%£1.99$2.492,49€

VGU will be back tomorrow with a breakdown of tomorrow’s deals. So sit tight and feel free to let us know of your purchases & recommendations in the comments.