Aliens vs Predator: Evolution to be released on mobile

On Mobile no-one can hear you scream?

As a fan of both the Aliens and Predator series (I can’t actually choose between them!) the AvP games have definitely been something I look forward to. It’s now been announced that there will be a new Aliens vs Predator game released for mobile platforms!

Aliens vs Predator: Evolution is a third person action game developed by Angry Mob Games that lets you be either the Predator or Alien, and features a story based campaign, boasting impressive graphics and visceral combat. The story has 24 missions and takes place in 5 unique environments including an Alien Hive, Marine Base and Temple Arena! The playable character is also upgradable allowing for a customised experience.

It has been scheduled for a 2013 release on both Apple and Android devices and poses the age-old question: will you be the hunter, or will you be hunted?

Check out the gallery below for the first released images!